Homebrew Tasting :: Czech Pils & IPA made by a cool dude from Minnesota


A fellow r/homebrewing user, u/andeecapp, messaged me awhile ago to let me know he used the lager method I’ve written about on a Czech Pils kit he brewed. While he said it worked well, a friend apparently picked up the slightest hint of DMS in the finished beer. After some back-and-forth, he offered to send me a bottle to taste. Hell yeah! The package arrived with an IPA he made as well. As I was preparing to taste the beer, I had the brilliant idea to do it on video… this is clearly something that’ll take some getting used to.


Here it is, me drinking and talking about 2 beers made by a cool dude in Minnesota.

After watching the video, I realized while talking about DMS, it sounds like I’m saying dimethyl sulfate when it’s supposed to be dimethyl sulfide. Stage fright. While the latter is definitely an undesirable off-flavor, at least it won’t kill you…

PS: this cool dude who makes cool beer is also in a cool band, check it out HERE!

YouTube version:


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